Community Outreach Research

About this Research 


Our assertive outreach model is aimed at identifying & engaging with people around so called 'Hot Spots' of substance misuse around the Liberties area of Dublin. Data collection for this research will begin in June 2021 until December 2021. 


What we are trying to find out?

  • What are they needs of people who use substances on the street?
  • Do people engage with services and if so which services and why? 
  • What the reasons for people not engaging with services? 
  • What the landscape looks like in terms of the demographics of those in need of support?
  • The views of those using substances in the Liberties area


What Support will we offer?

  • All individuals approached will be encouraged to avail of local services
  • A leaflet and relevant signposting will be undertaken


What will this information be used for?

Insights from this research will directly inform how services in the South Inner City can provide a unified response to the needs of this community. Those taking part in the research will have the opportunity to feedback throughout the process. 


Further Information 

For Professionals 

For more information about this research please contact Gerard Delaney via email at 


For Clients

Download our Local Support Services leaflet here