Community Alcohol Detox

A Community Alcohol Detox is a process where you are prescribed medication from your GP that helps you to manage withdrawal symptoms as you cut down your drinking. Sometimes this process is supported a community organisation through group meetings or one to one support.


Make The Change is a website and free resource manual aimed at improving access to supports for anyone looking to make changes in their drinking in a non-residential setting. These resources also provide information to family members, concerned others and professionals who may be supporting these individuals.


Community Alcohol Resource Manual: Find this best practice framework for alcohol reduction for individuals, family members, and professionals here


Make the Change Website: This website offers information on treatment options and a directory of services for individuals, family members, and professionals. See more at 


Video Resources: Would you like more information on Community Alcohol Detox? Visit here


If you are engaged in a Community Alcohol Detox and would like support during this process, please contact us on 01 454 9772.