Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We are now open by prior appointment only, keep reading for more details


Community Response is delighted to announce that as of today we are recommencing face to face appointments within the service.


The service is open by PRIOR APPOINTMENT ONLY which means you can only attend at the agreed date and time. Our Change & Recovery & Family Support groups will continue to run over Zoom weekly.


Reaching this stage as I'm sure you can imagine has required a significant amount of planning & preparation to ensure the protection of staff and clients on-site. As we embark on yet another new phase today we are presented with a changing landscape as we begin to attend appointments and explore our surroundings. Our board of management has approved an extensive protocol of operations which come into effect today for 4 weeks. As a result, there will be some changes to how you enter, leave, or interact with us as you visit the building.


Whilst attending the service you will be asked to wear a face mask and all one to one appointments will take place at a safe distance. Our staff will also be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of a face shield to ensure everyone's protection. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry in the building and must be used. The exact nature of these protocols will be discussed with you before attendance.

Please do not attend the service if you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 including a fever (38 degrees), a cough, or shortness of breath. Please contact your GP and at your earliest convenience the service to advise of your status. See here for more information:


Social Media

We are continuing to provide updates, information and content across our social media channels which you can access below. 



Our Weekly Groups 


GROUP Current Status Day and Time Contact Details
Stabilisation Group No group operating at present, replaced with individual sessions Weekly Phone calls delivered to all active group members Email Audrey or call 01 454 9772
Change and Recovery Online Zoom meeting Delivered over Zoom weekly on Wednesday from 2.30-3.30pm Email Lar or call 01 454 9772
Alcohol Education No group operating at present Weekly Phone calls delivered to all active group members Email JM or call 01 454 9772
Family Support Online Zoom Meeting  Weekly on Thursday from 5pm-7pm Email Janet or Marie or call 01 454 9772
Mindfulness  No group operating at present, replaced with individual sessions Weekly Phone calls delivered to all active group members Email Robbie or call 01 454 9772


One to One Support

One to one support continues to be offered to all current and upcoming clients of the service under arrangements made between staff members and clients. Usually, this will consist of weekly calls at a specified day and time to continue any pieces of work that may be taking place and to provide support in this difficult time. We will however, continue to provide face to face support under strict social distancing guidelines when a client is in crisis. 



We are continuing to accept referrals as normal through our website here or over the phone on 01 454 9772. Following the submission of a referral, a phone-based assessment is undertaken by a member of our staff team per data protection policies. Upon completion of this assessment, clients can be enrolled into the service to address their particular needs. 


Hepatitis C Outreach Service

We are continuing to offer a limited outreach service to those affected by Hepatitis C who may be undergoing treatment at this time or who may be in urgent need of treatment and are currently engaged with an OST clinic. Further information about Hepatitis C can be found here and our dedicated staff are available to talk through any of your questions Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm on 01 454 9772, alternatively you can text or call Lar on 086-189 5792.