Hepatitis C & Liver Health

Our dedicated Hepatitis C and liver health staff provide support for those affected by Hepatitis C and alcohol-related liver disease. We offer educational workshops to staff and clients covering; Hepatitis C, Liver health (NAFLD) and alcohol Hepatitis as well as outreach support for those undertaking treatment.

Note: We are currently offering limited outreach support as a result of COVID19 service restrictions, support will be offered based on a needs assessment for those undergoing or commencing on treatment during this time.  


Education and Training Workshops


Our Hepatitis C workshops provide concurrent information concerning the transmission, testing, treatment and reinfection of the Hepatitis C virus. These sessions can be delivered to clients and professionals who come into contact with at-risk groups.


This training can be delivered to staff within an organisation and to clients who may be at risk of infection. All staff sessions include guidance concerning the incorporation of Hepatitis C under standard care planning and assessment as well as handouts from the day. Please see our training proposal documents below for further details and information:


 • Hep C Education Professional/staff Training

 • Hep C Education Client/Service User Training


Plenty of time is given for discussion and Q & A'S, however, if specialist healthcare needs arise following this programme, we can arrange for a follow-up meeting to take place in Community Response. This training can be booked directly by emailing Lar Murphy or Kristy Maclean or by calling (01) 454 9772.


Outreach Support

Our dedicated Hepatitis C/liver health staff also provide support in Community Response and within the wider community for those impacted by Hepatitis C.Through our certified peer (HepFriend) training program we have direct access to a treatment pathway supported and accredited by the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin.


We currently run an outreach clinic in Castle Street Clinic for those attending this service at the day and time below: Castle Street Clinic, Wednesday 10 am-12 pm


Please contact Lar Murphy or Kristy Maclean on 01 454 9772 for further information.


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