Tender for a Three-year Strategic Plan

Community Response is seeking proposals from individuals, agencies, or companies to assist us in the development of a Strategic Plan. We are seeking expertise to develop a three -year strategic plan that will inform the development and direction of the service. This plan will continue on from the existing one, 2018-2021.


About Community Response

Community Response Ltd is a primary alcohol and Liver Health/Hepatitis C service, established in 1990. The service is based in the Liberties in the South Inner City of Dublin however our free and confidential service is available to anyone located in Dublin and its surrounding counties. Community Response is funded by the HSE Addiction Services CHO 7 and the South Inner-City Drug and Alcohol Drug Task Forces.

Community Response provides psychological support, interventions, education, peer support, groupwork and peer led family support. We are predominantly an alcohol service where people can address alcohol misuse. We deliver group and individual interventions to address and minimise the effects of hazardous drinking on the individual, family, community, and society. We offer information and support to those affected by Hepatitis C, or alcohol-related hepatitis. As well as providing a service to clients and family members. We also deliver educational workshops to the community and statutory addiction services and their staff across various sectors in Ireland.

Community Response is committed to the National Standards Better Safer Health Care and works to promote equality, prevent discrimination, and protect the human rights of service user when they are engaging in our services. It also works to support the strategic aims of the national drugs strategy, “Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery- 2017-2025”. Under this we are committed to supporting the following goals


  • Goal One: Promote and Protect Health and Wellbeing
  • Goal Two: Minimise the harms caused by the use and misuse of substances and promote rehabilitation and recovery
  • Goal Four: Support participation of individuals, families, and communities


Community Response (CR) is a registered charity, and as such adheres to the Charity Governance Code, which should be considered across plan development.

It works closely with its sister organisation, the “Hepatitis C Partnership” whose aims should be taken into consideration in the preparation of a new strategic plan. For more information about both services please go to www.communityresponse.ie or www.hepcpartnership.ie

Community Response has an involved board of management, a committed staff team and values the feedback of its service users and would expect that all of these would be engaged in the planning process. We are also keen that the input of our core funders the HSE CHO 7 Addiction Services and the South Inner City Local Drug and Alcohol Task Forces are present.


Aim of Tender

The overall aim of this tender is to generate a Strategic Plan that will enhance and consolidate the future and quality of the service.


Scope of tender

  • A profile of current service provision and model utilised.
  • A brief review of the work completed under the Community Response Plan 2018-2021
  • To identify key priorities for the new plan.
  • To ensure stakeholder and Service User input is captured in the plan.
  • To explore potential opportunities and address sustainability.
  • To recommend possible evaluation measures.


Strategy Implementation

Based on the above the successful applicant will develop an implementation table outlining the priority actions that the plan will focus on in the period 2022-2025. These priority actions will be in line with stakeholders and will promote collaborative working.

Outcomes will be set against a three-year timeline.


Submitting a Proposal

The closing date for receiving proposals is close of business on the 31st December 2021.Candidates or a short list of candidates may be invited to present or meet with the selection panel prior to a decision being made to award the contract.


Proposals Must Include

  • Process/ timetable listing key milestones (for reporting progress on various stages of development) and dates for meeting the deadline.
  • Methodology to be used
  • Detailed budget
  • Breakdown of time allocations
  • Identification of any conflicts of interests
  • Samples of previous strategic plans or similar developed by the proposed consultants.
  • Referee: contact details must be supplied for two referees, that CR can contact who have engaged the proposed consultant for similar/ related work.
  • Organisations responding to this brief are required to nominate a lead person from their organisation as a point of contact (where applicable).
  • Organisations are required to provide details of all key staff and experience in the provision of these services where applicable.
  • Late proposals will not be considered.
  • All supporting material and documentation should be included in the proposal.


Proposals may only be submitted by email as per the contact details below.



The budget available for the total project will be no more than €9000 (inclusive of VAT and expenses). Please clearly outline all fees. A current tax clearance certificate will be required. This contract will be awarded based on a fixed price contract, and as such, all costs must be quoted (and clearly indicated) as a fixed price in Euro. The successful consultant is expected to work within the agreed budget and report regularly on budgetary issues. Budget increases will not be accepted once a contract has been signed.



The successful applicant will be required to submit evidence of relevant professional indemnity and insurance details.



It is expected that the successful applicant will begin this project by the end of January 2022 with an anticipated finish of project by the end of April 2022.


Proposal Acceptance

CR is not bound to accept the lowest cost or any of the proposals received and will award the contract to its own best advantage.

The successful tender must commit to completing the assignment on time and on budget and failure to meet the timeline agreed may affect payment.

All unsuccessful tenders will also be advised of the decision.

CR reserves the right to request provider to amend their proposals.

CR also reserves the right to accept any proposal in part or in total.

Proposal evaluation process

Initially the proposals will be checked for compliance with the request for proposal conditions. Potential consultants will be assessed both on their proposals and if required, a follow up interview.


They will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Proven capability and experience in strategic planning, consultation especially in health/addiction services (30%)
  • Methodology (30%)
  • Overall quality of proposal (20%)
  • Cost (20%)


Submissions can be sent to info@communityresponse.ie , marked for the attention “Project Manager” by close of business on the 31st of December 2021


Informal enquiries can be made in writing to nicola@comunityresponse.ie