Do you have, or think you may have, Hepatitis C?

Have you been diagnosed with Hepatitis C? If so, try to find out as much information as possible about the virus.

Community Response offers a range of services in relation to this including group support, one to one support and referral pathways to treatment.

Hepatitis C/Liver Health Outreach and Support

Our dedicated Liver health staff can help support you to access testing and treatment for Hepatitis C as well as discuss any concerns you may have around alcohol and the liver. Our staff are connected with St James's and the Mater hospital where they can help advocate on your behalf and support you to attend appointments. You can also arrange a confidential chat with one of our team if you are concerned that you have put yourself at risk of a BBV (Blood Borne Virus). 

Alcohol Education Programme

The Alcohol Education Programme is for clients who want to understand more about alcohol and its effects on them, their physical and mental health and people around them.


One to one holistic services are available to clients who are in need of stress management techniques, or relaxation, to assist with poly drug misuse, treatment management or assist the recovery process.

One to One Key Working

All clients of the project can avail of one to one support where we can help devise a care plan to help you meet your goals.