Do you think you might have a problem with alcohol?

Are you worried about your drinking?

Has it got you into trouble recently? Do you feel your health is suffering? Is it causing problems with your family/friends? 

If you have answered yes to any of these why not go to our confidential, self assessed alcohol questionnaire.

Community Response also offer a range of services to support you if you find you do have a problem with alcohol.

Alcohol Stabilisation Group

The Alcohol Stabilisation Group is for clients who may not want to stop drinking, but are concerned about either the frequency or amount of their consumption, and need to develop skills to manage this.

Alcohol Education Programme

The Alcohol Education Programme is for clients who want to understand more about alcohol and its effects on them, their physical and mental health and people around them.


One to one holistic services are available to clients who are in need of stress management techniques, or relaxation, to assist with poly drug misuse, treatment management or assist the recovery process.

One to One Key Working

All clients of the project can avail of a one to one service providing key working, support and advice.