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Speak NO Evil, See NO Evil, Hear NO Evil Campaign

On the 28th July 2013, World Hepatitis Day, Community Response organised an event to attempt to break a Guinness Book of Records record.

It was part of a global event facilitated by the World Hepatitis Alliance, - the “Speak NO Evil, See NO Evil, Hear NO Evil” Campaign. The message from this theme is that hepatitis is being ignored around the world, and we are calling for that to change. The proverb is widely recognised, and we this event was to generate interest around it. We were delighted that 37 people arrived on a Sunday morning, and carried out the actions in the required sequence, whilst being photographed. We also had a local councillor and a member of the Garda Siochana in attendance to check the figures! We were thrilled to get confirmation in September 2013, that the record had been broken, with over 26,000 people globally taking part in the event. Well done and thanks to all who participated.