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Alcohol Info -

Alcohol Information and Support

Alcohol Action Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland is the national charity for alcohol-related issues. They are an independent voice for advocacy and policy change, working to reduce levels of alcohol-related harm in Ireland.

Dublin Simon – Alcohol Support & Aftercare Service

This is a service for homeless or recently settled people over 18 whose primary addiction is alcohol and provides support for people before and after DSC’s Detox and/or Residential Alcohol Service. Group work, with twice weekly relapse prevention, Open support groups and Abstinence based residential houses with a structured aftercare programme (for those who have completed the Residential Alcohol Service) are some of the services that are available. They can be contacted at 01 679 2391 or by email at

HSE Alcohol Treatment Unit

The HSE Alcohol Treatment Unit provides individual counselling, assessment and aftercare. For more information ring 01 660 7838.

HSE Community Alcohol Services

Your local HSE provided alcohol services including counselling, assessment, education programmes and aftercare. You can find out more at 01 451 6589 or 01 451 6754.

The Big Book - Guide to AA

Using the AA model, the Big Book is a thorough and comprehensive resource designed to give people from all walks of life the information, encouragement, and resources they need to effectively deal with their drinking addiction.