Useful Downloads

Below are a list of useful downloads related to Community Response, and general information about alcohol, polydrug misuse and Hepatitis C.

  • The Liver and Hep C

    An education tool to raise awareness around Hep C and the body.
    3960 kb | Download

  • Are You Hep C Aware?

    Published by Community Response, Dublin AIDS Alliance and UISCE. This information leaflet answers basic questions about Hepatitis C in an Irish setting.
    814 kb | Download

  • Audited Accounts 2017

    please see our Audited Accounts 2017 for your information
    536 kb | Download

  • Annual Report 2017

    Community Response Annual Report 2017
    954 kb | Download

  • Hepatitis C Education and Information Training Proposal Document (For Clients/Service Users)

    These workshops are delivered over two consecutive sessions spanning 1.5 hours in duration, with a small break in between. The style is dialectical with opportunities given for questions, feedback and input from the audience. Attendees have the opportunity to review myths around routes of transmission, discuss signs and symptoms of the disease and to be equipped with essential information around testing and treatment today.
    274 kb | Download

  • The Immune System and Hep C

    An education tool to raise awareness around Hep C and the body.
    11791 kb | Download

  • HepFriend Poster 2018-19

    Peer support program for those impacted by Hepatitis C. The Hepfriend program offers access treatment, information around testing and access to a Hepfriend who can support you on your journey to treatment. This program is supported by the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin.
    5118 kb | Download

  • Hepatitis C Training for Staff/Professionals Proposal Document 2019

    This three hour training session can be provided to your staff team within your organisation or alternatively in Community Response. The purpose of this training is to provide attendees with a profile of the Hepatitis C virus in Ireland, focusing on routes of transmission, testing and current pathways to treatment. Discussion and guidance around the incorporation of Hepatitis C and Liver Health into standard client assessment and care planning is also provided.
    1076 kb | Download