Community Response provides a wide range of services for those having problems with alcohol, individuals affected by Hepatitis C/Liver health issues and family members living with addiction in the home. All of our services are free, confidential and are provided by a specially trained team with extensive experience of working within the field of addiction. We aim to provide information and support that is helpful in allowing the service user to choose the best choices for them at that moment. We provide group programmes, one to one key working and, when appropriate, refer on to other specialist services. We offer a safe, non-judgemental space to allow people the opportunity to make positive changes relating to alcohol use, poly-drug use and their own health.

  • Alcohol Stabilisation Group

    The Alcohol Stabilisation Group is for service users who may not want to stop drinking, but are concerned about either the frequency or amount of their consumption, and need to develop skills to manage this.

  • Hepatitis C Outreach and Support

    Our dedicated Hepatitis C and liver health staff provide support both in house and within the community for those impacted by Hepatitis C. Through our certified peer (HepFriend) training program we have direct access to a treatment pathway supported and accredited by the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin.

  • Alcohol Education Programme

    The Alcohol Education Programme is for service users who want to understand more about alcohol and its effects on them, their physical and mental health and people around them.

  • Change and Recovery Group

    Change and Recovery Support Group for service users who have recently completed a medically supervised or individually managed alcohol cessation. The aim of this support group is to provide information, coping skills to maintain sobriety.

  • Hepatitis C Education and Training

    Our Hepatitis C education sessions provide concurrent information in relation to the transmission, testing, treatment and reinfection of the Hepatitis C virus. These sessions can be delivered to professionals and clients who come into contact with at risk groups.

  • Relaxation Group

    The Relaxation Group is for service users who are in need of stress management techniques, or relaxation, to assist with poly drug misuse or assist the recovery process.

  • Holistics

    One to one holistic services are available to service users who are in need of stress management techniques, or relaxation, to assist with poly drug misuse, treatment management or assist the recovery process.

  • Family Support Group

    This group is for family members affected by addiction in the home. One to one support for family members is also available.

  • One to One Key Working

    All service users of the project can avail of a one to one service providing key working, support and advice.