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Alcohol Stabilisation Group

Tuesday 10am – 12pm or Wednesday 10am-12pm

The Alcohol Stabilisation Group is for service users who may not want to stop drinking, but are concerned about either the frequency or amount of their consumption, and need to develop skills to manage this.

The overall aim of the programme is to engage service users in exploring how they use alcohol, and how alcohol affects their lives. The programme will provide information/education so that service users can make informed choices about their alcohol use. Through a structured programme the service user can reflect and examine issues such as what is alcohol doing for me? Clear and concise information about how alcohol affects you physically, mentally and emotionally is built into the programme. In order to assist with change decisions around consumption levels we explore how addiction works, cravings, what is happening during withdrawals and how is tolerance developed? Additionally, if it is desired by the service user we address how we can make changes when living with alcohol problems?

The sessions take place on a Tuesday morning over ten weeks 10.00am –12.00am (maximum 10 participants). The main facilitator for this programme is Robbie who can be contacted on 01 454 9772 or by email at robbie@communityresponse.ie.

This programme can be amended and run on an individual basis if necessary. 

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