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Hepatitis C Info Outreach Sessions and Hepatitis C Peer Support Group (planned)

Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons

The Hepatitis C info outreach sessions provide facts about physical effects, testing & treatment. We are also planning to run a Hepatitis C/Liver Health Peer Support Group for service users who have Hepatitis C, or are concerned that they have alcohol related liver damage. Please register your interest with us if you want to come to this group by sending an email to lar@communityresponse.ie or ringing 01 4549772.

We are offering the Hepatitis C information sessions as outreach for other organisations. The sessions provide information around Hepatitis C and Liver Health, so that clients can make informed choices about their own health and well-being. The two workshops cover Transmission, Testing and Treatment:

  1. Routes of Transmission – how the Hepatitis virus can, and can`t be transmitted, this is especially useful for people who are not sure if they have been exposed or not.  
  2. Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment - what is it? How is done? How many times do I need to get it done? How does it work? Will I be sick? How long do I have to take the medication for? 

All of this is covered, and plenty of time is given for discussion, questions and answers. If a service user needs to talk to a specialist healthcare professional following this programme, we can arrange for a one-to-one meeting to take place in Community Response.

The two sessions can be booked directly with the main facilitator Lar Murphy, phone 01 454 9772, or by email: lar@communityresponse.ie. They take place preferably Wednesday mornings over two weeks 10.00am – 11.30am (maximum 16 participants), other timeslots are possible, please ask.

The planned Hepatitis C/Liver Health Peer Support Group will be for people who are experiencing difficulties with Hepatitis C or Alcohol related Hepatitis and who want to become more informed about treatment options, and also lifestyle changes to help manage the condition. It will be a support group that is informative and educational. It will be facilitated by a Community Response Worker on Thursday afternoons (2.30pm - 4.00pm).

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