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Hepatitis C/Liver Health Group

Wednesday mornings 10.00am – 11.30am

The Hepatitis C/Liver Health Group is for service users who have a Blood Borne Virus, or are concerned that they have alcohol related liver damage. These sessions provide physical, treatment & lifestyle information.

This programmes aims to assist people who either have Hepatitis C or Alcohol related Hepatitis to become more informed about treatment options, and also lifestyle changes to help manage the condition. The purpose of the sessions is to provide information around Hepatitis C and Liver Health, so that clients can make informed choices about their own health and well-being. The three individual workshops cover Transmission, Testing and Treatment:

  1. Routes of Transmission – how the Hepatitis virus can, and can`t be transmitted, this is especially useful for people who are not sure if they have been exposed or not.  
  2. Hepatitis C Testing - what is it? How is done? How many times do I need to get it done?
  3. Hepatitis C Treatment – How does it work? Will I be sick? How long do I have to take it for? 

All of this is covered, and plenty of time is given for discussion, questions and answers. If a service user needs to talk to a specialist healthcare professional following this programme, we can arrange for a meeting to take place in Community Response.

The sessions take place on a Wednesday morning over three weeks 10.00am – 11.30am (maximum 16 participants). The main facilitator for this programme is Lar Murphy who can be contacted at 01 454 9772 or by email at lar@communityresponse.ie. This programme can be joined on any of the three weeks.

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