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Change and Recovery Group

Wednesday afternoon 2.30pm – 4.00pm

Change and Recovery Support Group for service users who have recently completed a medically supervised or individually managed alcohol cessation. The aim of this support group is to provide information, coping skills to maintain sobriety.

This group is run over a 12 week period, and is aimed at supporting individuals to maintain sobriety. Attention is drawn to factors that trigger relapse, how to identify them and how to cope with cravings for alcohol. This programme is run in conjunction with Dublin Simon residential detox programme, therefore service users are a good mix of people undergoing treatment and post detox/treatment. Groups members are encouraged to share and learn from each others coping strategies, as well as the group facilitators.  Individuals are welcome to join this group at any point once that have met with a project worker.

The sessions take place on a Wednesday afternoon 2.30pm – 4.00pm (maximum 14 participants). The main facilitator for this programme is Robbie Byrne who can be contacted at 01 454 9772 or by email at robbie@communityresponse.ie.

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