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Relaxation Group

Not Currently Running

The Relaxation Group is for service users who are in need of stress management techniques, or relaxation, to assist with poly drug misuse or assist the recovery process.

It is  and are available to offer additional support and resources Additionally these provide sessions for service users attending any of the services provided in the project.

The main aim is to provide support for service users who are either attempting to

  1. reduce their alcohol consumption
  2. cope with detox symptoms
  3. maintain abstinence

This is achieved using a variety of different approaches including: visualisation, meditation & breathing exercises.

Relaxation is offered in a group setting but is also available on an appointment basis for individual session.  Service users usually attend this group in conjunction with another service offered within the project, however if the service user is trying to maintain abstinence, and is not availing of any other services, they may still attend.

The sessions take place on a Tuesday afternoon 2.30pm – 4.00pm - maximum 12 participants. The main facilitator for this programme is Robbie Byrne who can be contacted at 01 454 9772 or by email at robbie@communityresponse.ie. This programme is ongoing.

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