Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure | All clients of Community Response have the right to make a complaint in relation to any aspect of the service, find out how to make a complaint and the process of acknowledgement.

Complaints Procedure




The purpose of this document is inform the service users of Community Response about their right to make a complaint, the channels through which a complaint can be made and the subsequent procedures of how complaints are handled, and ultimately resolved.


Definition of a Complaint

- (Definition as per the Health Act 2004)
‘‘complaint’’ means a complaint made under this Part about any action of the Executive or a  service provider that—(a) it is claimed, does not accord with fair or sound administrative practice, and adversely affects the person by whom or on whose behalf the complaint is made;



Who can make a Complaint?

-  Any person who is being or was provided with a health or personal social service y the Executive or  Service Provider or who is seeking or has sought provision of such service may complain, in accordance with the procedures established under this Part, about any action of the Executive or Service Provider that-


              (a)  it is claimed, does not accord with fair and sound administrative practice, and


              (b)  adversely affects or affected that person.  


How can a Complaint be Made?

Verbally: to any member of staff of Community Response who will refer to the Complaints Officer

In writting to: Community Response, 14 Carman’s Court, Carman’s Hall. Dublin 8

By email: to




Acknowledgement of complaints

- Upon a complaint being received by or assigned to the complaints officer he or she shall notify, within 5 working days, the complainant, in writing, that the complaint has been so received or assigned and outline the steps that he or she proposes to take in investigating the complaint and the time limits for the completion of the investigation.              




- All complainants have the right to appoint and advocate.  If a person is unable to make a complaint themselves who can assist them in making the complaint? Any full time – employee of Community Response.