We recently recieved an email from a former service user, Tim, who had engaged with our programme 7 years ago...

He says: "I attended Community Response from around February 2017 until some time in 2019. I just wanted to reach out, as this month is kind of a reminder of it, and say that I'm still going strong (& sober) for almost 7 years now. And in no small part is thanks to the incredible support that I got from all the staff at Community Response that worked with me. I still use the tools that I learned in the groups." 


Below are some experience of past and current team members at Community Response... 


"Working in community response gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and access to all types of training. From getting qualifications in group facilitation to learning acupuncture. Community response really places an emphasis on staff development."


"I really enjoy working at Community Response, I am currently studying part-time and there is a great deal of flexibility from management that allows me to adapt my full-time working hours to work around college.  I have also never experienced so much support and encouragement in a service to engage in continuous professional development courses and the availability of training offered by the service. The work itself is great, there is a great opportunity to get experience in the range of groups and one-to-one supports that are offered within the service. Equally, if there are particular areas you want to get more experience in, the management team will always work with you to get the experience you are looking for. Overall, it's a good team, with good support,  lots of scope for professional development, and flexibility where you need it!"


"One word from me - flexibility. As an employer I have found Community Response to be extremely flexible in relation to my personal circumstances, from health related to family issues - if they can make it work, they do."