Community Alcohol Detox Broker

This role is designed to support individuals and professionals in all phases of a Community Alcohol Detox.

A Community Alcohol Detox is a process where you are prescribed medication from your GP that helps you to manage withdrawal symptoms as you cut down your drinking. It can also be referred to as a librium detox. This is a structured non-residential process involving psychosocial and medical support in the community. 
The Community Alcohol Detox Broker is a role on our team that supports people to access and undertake a community alcohol detox. They will provide one-to-one support for individuals in relation to all aspects of community alcohol detox, from preparation through to aftercare. This role also aims to offer service providers, GPs, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals in The South Inner City a direct point of contact when they have patients or clients who require psychosocial support for medically supervised community alcohol detox, with follow-up and engagement. 
For more information contact Niamh Foley 086 138 1886 /