Long Term Aftercare Group

A weekly group with a commitiment of 12 months for individuals who are looking for therapeutic and peer support regarding abstinence and sobriety.

Group Day & Time: Tuesday, 7pm-830pm

Venue: Community Response, 14 Carmans' Court, Carman's Hall, Dublin 8

This programme provides an opportunity to address important issues and problems associated with abstinence/life and recovery. Living drug and/or alcohol free can be challenging. Dealing with issues and feelings that normally would have been avoided through substance use can leave an individual in recovery feeling very confused and isolated. This group will provide a safe space for people to come and get support as they move forward in their recovery and their lives.

The programme is open to individuals seeking to strengthen their continued recovery, and will be underpinned by trauma-informed and compassion-focused principles. It will emphasise healthy coping skills, explore adapting to everyday community life and help to provide a supportive environment where challenges and successes can be discussed in a safe and therapeutic space.

We aim to balance serious talk in a confidential setting with an outlet for fun through organising social events, as agreed in consensus with the group.


If you would like further infrmation Please contact us on 01 454 9772 or put in a referral here.