About The Service

Community Response Ltd is a primary Alcohol and Liver Health service that also specialise in support & advocacy for those impacted by Hepatitis C.

Our community led organisation is located in the Liberties, Dublin 8 where we have been serving the needs of the community since 1990.

The Beginnings

Community Response was initially established in response to the growing impact of heroin throughout communities in south inner city Dublin. The reality for these communities was that by the mid-1990s, local people were now facing growing social exclusion and the prospect of further generations falling victim to the impact of addiction.


Recognising the resilience, wit, and ingenuity of those living in these hard-hit communities, Community Response established a service to respond to this crisis, lobbying for services in conjunction with families and individuals impacted in the community. Various programmes were established including Family Support and Drug and HIV harm reduction workshops which addressed the impact of stigma. 


Changing Needs


In 2012, Community Response conducted research concerning local needs, what this highlighted was a clear need for a local alcohol service that provided psychological support, interventions, education and peer support. The three top priorities for clients and their families were highlighted as the following: 


  1. specified alcohol service, alcohol misuse within our local community has been well documented, and our research supports this.
  2. To deliver group and individual interventions to address and minimise the effects of hazardous drinking on the individual, family, community and society as a whole. These interventions look at the devastating effects on one's physical, emotional and psychological health as well as the impact on the family and wider community.
  3. Information and support to those affected by Hepatitis C, or alcohol-related hepatitis. We also provide a safe and supportive space for family members with one to one and peer support groups. As well as providing a service to clients and family members we also deliver educational workshops to community and statutory addiction services and staff across various sectors in Ireland. 


Community Response is not affiliated with any religious organisation or fellowship, we operate under a client centred, motivational interviewing approach. 



Community Response Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021
Strategic Aims & Objectives for Alcohol programmes and Hepatitis C supports
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Community Response Audited Accounts 2017
Attached are the Audited accounts for Community Response for the year 2017
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