About The Service

Community Response Ltd is a primary Alcohol and Liver Health service that also specialise in support & advocacy for those impacted by Hepatitis C.

Established in 1990 we offer a Free and Confidential service to anyone in Dublin and the surrounding counties.

CHY 11087 |   CRA 2002954



Community Response Ltd is a primary alcohol and Liver Health/Hepatitis C service, established in 1990. The service is based in the Liberties in the South Inner City of Dublin however our free and confidential service is available to anyone located in Dublin and its surrounding counties.     


Here at Community Response we have produced a programme that offers services along a continuum of care, from those actively drinking to those who are abstinent. Psycho-educational models of group work are utilised, along with underlying approaches of Motivational Interviewing and CBT. Harm reduction  and compassion underpins all service provision with co production approaches sought in relation to service development and application. 


Individual streams of care center around key working with two approaches at front and centre : mindfulness and psychosocial interventions. These paradigms are used to manage presenting issues within an individual or group setting and may include stress management techniques, how to recognise and respond to anxiety, liver diseases and the role of the liver, and how to manage cravings thoughts, behaviours and emotions in relation to alcohol use. 


Alongside our core programme of alcohol addiction support we also offer Family Support. Our service has a long successful history delivering support within this context and we continue to place concerns experienced by the community at the heart of these operations. We utilise the 5 Step Method, which is an evidence-based best pactice approach for working with family members affected by addiction. It is a brief, non-judgemental, non-directive, semi-structured problem solving intervention which recognises that family members are experts in their circumstances. 


Our Hepatitis C (HCV) service has a slightly different remit as a member of the Hepatitis C Partnership which is a national network of organisations focused on ensuring Hepatitis C is made a rare disease here in Ireland by 2030. Through this network our trained staff offer a programme of care aimed at reducing new infections of HCV and increasing access about  testing and treatment for those not linked to care. More information about this service can be found here 



Community Response is not affiliated with any religious organisation or fellowship, we operate through trauma informed and compassion focused principles, utilising various tools such as mindfulness, harm reduction, resonance factor and various cognitive behavioural interventions. All of our services are free of charge. 



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