All face-to-face appointments are cancelled until 5th May 2020. We are operating a phone and online service: call 01 454 9772 for free confidential advice and support.

We would like to acknowledge the impact of this disruption and indeed the difficulty this may be presenting some of you as we take these measures to ensure the safety of our staff and all those who use our service in line with Depatartment of Health guidelines.   


We will endauvour to deliver the best service we can in these challenging times via phone contact and through the use of our social medica. In addition, we will contact all active clients of the service on a weekly basis to check in & you can still reach staff members from Mon-Fri 9-5pm on the normal number, 01 454 9772. 


In addition for those of you who have access to social media we will provide information, updates and relevant news etc on our Facebook page and Twitter


In the meantine please read our page, Managing your Alcohol Use during Social Distancing in order to revise some key tips on keeping safe and perhaps stemming any increases alcohol consumption at home during this pandemic.


Maintaining a regular daily routine and checking in with yourself throughout the day can all help. 



HSE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus.

Mental Health supports and services during COVID-19

The spread of coronavirus is a new and challenging event. Some people might find it more worrying than others and may need some extra support.


HSE Community Alcohol Services

Your local HSE provided alcohol services including counselling, assessment, education programmes and aftercare. You can find out more at 01 451 6589 or 01 451 6754.


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